We represent buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants with their all real estate needs. These services include:

Buyer Services: Our primary goal is to always find the appropriate site(s) and/or business(s) for our buyers and to ensure their satisfaction throughout the process. We study the potential feasibility of a business site, complete with an analysis of the market, demographic(s), traffic patterns, shopping trends, product competition, potential future developments, etc to maximize the ROI for the winning sites and businesses. Our firm presents our clients with this market information and ensures understanding of the value of the current listings, resources, and market knowledge of their potential real estate investment.

Seller Services: We gather the necessary information regarding current market tendencies to help create a competitive listing of our client's property. We also analyze the markets for each listing as well as apply our best techniques, tools, knowledge and experience to market the products, and compile all offers to present the client with the best option for the sale of their property.

Tenant Services: Finding the appropriate location for the prospective tenants is our primary goal. As a listing broker, not only do we offer our own listings but we also work as a cooperative broker; we look for other listings and always find something that our clients/tenants dream about. We study markets, area demographics, traffic, shopping trends, competition, and possible future developments to determine the selection of sites and businesses.

Leasing Services: Having a liaison between the owner and renter offers privacy for both parties as well as a trusted agent that cares for each property. We handle all communications between existing, new, and prospective tenants and the site owner. Such communications include, but are not limited to, coordinating new properties, process of leases, and ensuring that all parties are in compliance with contractual agreements.

Retail Services: In order to develop a strategic plan and find the perfect retail location, we identify various sites that align with our client's guidelines and objectives. By doing this, the business's sales potential will be enhanced.

Landlord Services: We understand that an empty property costs the investors money. Finding the right tenants for each rental property listed with us is one of the most critical tasks we undertake. By implementing our extensive knowledge and expertise as well as powerful marketing strategies, we create and maintain a database of current and future prospective(s); this helps us find the quickest and best ways to keep each property occupied.